The Vagina Is Coming To Get You.










Seriously, people.  Get over it.

Why is the word “vagina” so hard for people to deal with?  What’s so threatening about it?  Why does American television insist on treating it like a profanity?  Network television doesn’t mind using sex to sell their mass-produced shite that nobody needs; but they certainly won’t have us talking about it.  It’s as though we discovered the Wizard of Oz’s name was Bill, and forever after the name “Bill” became — well, as taboo as the word VAGINA.

Some Europeans hold the admittedly ridiculous view that all Americans are puerile, right-wing, self-obsessed, sexually repressed nincompoops with no knowledge of geography.  When a network decides to pull a tampon advert for using the word “vagina”, you can almost understand why.

I was reading Richard Adams’ blog this morning, where he described a scenario in which an American network pulled a tampon advert by company Kotex in which they used the word “vagina”, presumably in reference to what women use tampons for.  Kotex changed the word “vagina” to the phrase “down there”, according to Adams, but this wasn’t sufficient apparently.  So, this is what they ended up with:

Admittedly, this is a brilliant advert — even if the area in question is conspicuously lacking.  But come on, America!  It’s a fucking vagina, more than half the world has one!

For shame, for shame.


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8 responses to “The Vagina Is Coming To Get You.

  1. Kate

    Love love love it Ben. Vagina.

  2. Aoife mc

    Dear mr vagina man
    I have to say I am shocked, SHOCKED at your excessive use of the V word. Here I was, on the bus on the way to the sacred city of Galway, feeling safe from the land of profanity and filth.
    Alas this is 2010 and there is wifi available on my bus. One knows the perils of the INTERNET and the incessant evils that await at the click f every browser.
    HOWEVER this blog has come to mean to me a place of refuge from FILTHY thoughts – a place where I can read about cheese, Marmite and miyazaki and NOT a place to read about the V word.
    As a sexually repressed Irish woman I am APPALLED at your appallation toward the appallingness of this appalling ad. How DARE you republish this DIRTY ad on a blog which I love and thought was a safe haven in an ocean of Internet muck?!?
    God is real, he is definitely an older white man who looks not unlike he current day Jeff bridges and he HATES the V word.
    And so I will say to you, mr Kritikos, vajazzle your vajayjay in your OWN time and please return to wriing posts about jam and japanese children’s stories.
    Thank you
    yours in vajayjay denial
    Aoife mc

  3. Anna Jacob


  4. The REAL vagina man

  5. its from this absolutely ridiculous movie called The Ten, which is 10 short films supposedly based on the 10 commandments.


  6. if you’re bothered by the lack of vagina use check out the pussy patron manifesto @

  7. I must confess I too feared the word Vagina untill my girlfriend taught me all about Tantra. Since then I have bowed down to the holy vagina, submitted to its will, accepted that, only through the vagina can I truly find God.

    Please check out ,my story Holy Lolita ! and tell me if it meets your approval.

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