Beatroot Rendez-vous Date Change

Unfortunately, our good friend Pepe Belmonte, who organises the Beatroot Rendez-vous evenings at the Old Queen’s Head in London, suffered an accident and has had to cancel a bunch of planned events.  Luckily, he’s recovering quickly, and for this we’re really happy.

For those of you who were planning on coming to the Beatroot gig on Tuesday, the 26th of April, please be aware that it has been moved to an all-day fundraiser for Pepe on the day before — so please come to this special event on Monday, the 25th of April, beginning at 13:00.  Herons! will be performing at this event (as will a bunch of others, including our best buddies Aidan and Jenny Lindfors) at 17:00.  Please check our gigs page for times, addresses and other details.

Do check out the gig on Monday night, as your support for Pepe would be tremendously appreciated!  Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this last-minute announcement.


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One response to “Beatroot Rendez-vous Date Change

  1. Valerie O'Mahony

    Greetings & Salutations! I’ll keep this short and sweet…. I am wondering if you are indeed the very same Ben (including, but not limited to) bipedal & thumb status, who at one time lived in Greenwich, CT. If so, I’d love to get in touch w/ you and see where life has taken you. If not, all the best to you and your band. Many Blessings, Valerie

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