Help us record our next album!

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Hello there, how are you?

Herons! is an independent band. We’re not signed, we have no manager or publisher or any type of investment, but we don’t see that as a bad thing. There’s a lot of work involved in managing our own band, but it also means that we have complete freedom and control.

We released our first album earlier this year and it’s already paid for itself (pretty much). However, because it was entirely self-funded it took a long time to release. We recorded it in 2008, mastered it in 2009, and had to wait another year before we had saved up enough to print it. We now have enough new material for a second album and we’re incredibly excited to start recording at the end of December. This time however, we don’t want to have to wait three years to be able to put a copy in the hands of anyone who wants one, and that’s why we’ve decided to ask YOU for help.

We’ve estimated that the first stage of recording is going to cost us about £1000. So we decided to see if we could raise this money all in one go, using our musical skills and the generosity of the good people of Stroud (where we live) and beyond.

So, we’ve organised a 24 HOUR BUSKING BONANZA!!! to happen this coming weekend, the 2nd and 3rd of December (and we might possibly spill on to the Sunday if we don’t meet our 24 hour target over the first two days). Our singer and guitarist Ben Kritikos has a bit of a reputation as a human jukebox, after years of making a living by busking on the streets of Dublin. We will happily take song requests during the weekend, and we’d be thrilled if any other passing musicians want to come and join in.

We’re creating a schedule (as I write) of the locations in which we will be playing over the weekend, but we can confirm they they will include a pitch at the Stroud Goodwill Evening, The Stroud Farmers’ Market sessions in Emmaus in Nailsworth, Strangeness and Charm Vintage Boutique, The Crown and Sceptre and The Prince Albert pub in Rodborough.

Please come along, bring an instrument, have fun and give what you can. Any person who makes a donation — whether it’s pennies or big bucks — will also have the chance to be personally thanked in the album sleeve notes; just remember to give us your name on the day. Or, if you can’t make it on the day, click the ‘donate’ button at the bottom of the post and make a contribution now!

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