Harnessing the power of the tube…

Like many struggling bands, we’ll try almost anything to get our music heard (except murder, animal cruelty, sexual favours and pay-to-play gigs).

So, in the spirit of succumbing to modern technology, we’re dusting off our faces and getting in front of a camera for a few little live videos. We’re trying to keep it creative and in the spirit of everything else we do, so the first one was filmed through a bush at the bottom of a garden:

It’s a new song for Ben’s niece Evie who just turned one. We hope you like it, there’ll be more to come… though we’ve started simple, you can expect more excitement in future. e.g: explosions, car chases, will.i.am style stuff, bangbangbang shapow etc.

Also, we have an AWESOME gig coming up on June 16th, here’s the fb event:


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One response to “Harnessing the power of the tube…

  1. Having just read your “Top 5 Shittest Jobs” out loud to my girlfriend as she edged her way to the door (“I have to go to work, honey”), I wiped the tears and snot of explosive mirth from my face and flatscreen monitor and figured, what the hell, credit where credit’s due. Hilarious post! I’m a fairly useful technician/engineer/flautist type (creative arts and buildings maintenance-why not?), currently unemployed and sympathetic to your cause. Nice sound quality on that video!

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