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Playing at the River Cottage Canteen

Anna and I are Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall fans — big time.  We can watch a whole series (or more) of River Cottage on 4od in one sitting.  It’s embarrassing.  We often refer to the man behind River Cottage on a first name basis, as though we share saucepans with him:

“What shall we have for dinner tonight?”

“How about Hugh’s nettle gnocchi?”


“How do you reckon I should cook this saddle of venison?”

“I don’t know, check with Hugh.”

So you can imagine the heart palpitations and buckets of anxious sweat when Anna told me that the River Cottage team tweeted for bands to play at their River Cottage Canteen in Axminster.  Anna responded in a flash, and a date was set. Having followed the progress of the River Cottage project from the beginning, a trip to the River Cottage Canteen promised to be a kind of pilgrimage for us.

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Fishy Business

By Anna Jacob

Hello there, gorgeous!

Ben and I have recently been feeding our obsessive man crush on the one and only Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (or Huge Furry-Witty-Man as my Dad has hilariously christened him).

So along with cooking droolsome food, being gorgeous and lovely and clever and oh, bloody hell we just love him so much – he’s been taking on the dumbass EU fishing laws which mean that idiotic quantities of beautiful delicious fish is being thrown back into the sea dead instead of feeding the world. Watch the excellent series of three programmes he’s made here.

I don’t have a television.  There are so few programmes I would be interested in watching, it simply wouldn’t be worth the license fees. However, I’m glad iPlayer and 4od came along so I can enjoy programmes like this from time to time on me ‘aul MacBook. This is what the power of television should be used for in my opinion – making positive changes and educating ig’nant people like me. Not endless D-list Celebrity Come Eat Kangaroo Eyelids In The Jungle Whilst Jigging With The Stars or whatever series they’re on at the moment.

I’ve just signed the Fish Fight petition and I suggest you do too. You can find it here.

So don’t flounder about, you sprat, sign now! Convincing you to sign up is my sole porpoise in writing this blog, you won’t find any red herrings here, I cod you not.

Enough fish puns for ya? I’ll stop carping on now and let you mussel in and sign the petition.

What a lovely pair.

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